The Charitable Fund “Children of Russia”

This fund is a single fund in the world which is a member of the World Federation of Unesco Clubs, Centers and Associations. 

A mission of the fund is a care about the younger generation, a protection of social interests of children and teenagers.

The charitable fund “Children of Russia” was created in 1999 on the initiative of the general director of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company Andrey Kozitsyn.

The activity of the fund is conducted as a part of a cognominal President program and an own charitable programs on several directions simultaneously.

The fund supports children institutions, helps creative teams, disabled children and orphans and also creates contacts with administrations of towns and cities and with those who can help children – heads of organizations, businessmen and other concerned people.

So the fund cares about the younger generation directly “in places”, it has an ability to react quickly on events which take part in the country and to help those who acutely need it.

In 2011 the Charitable Fund “Children of Russia” became the first charitable organization in the world which was accepted in the World Federation of Unesco Clubs, Centers and Associations. A decision about the Fund’s inclusion into the All-world organization was accepted on the 8th Congress of the the World Federation of Unesco Clubs, Centers and Associations which was held in August in the capital of Viet Nam. More than 20 delegations from Europe, Asia, the North America took part in it. The participants of the Congress almost unanimously supported a proposition of the President of the World Federation sir George Chrystofidis about the appointment of a title “the associated member of the World Federation of Unesco Clubs, Centers and Associations” to the Fund