Not many people know that autism is not usual disease. Autism is a condition. And people can live in this condition and they will have normal life like healthy people if they have correct help. Autistics live in their own world, which is located behind the glass wall. You can see what happens, but it’s difficult to understand. And it’s so difficult to take a step beyond the confines of the wall.

Our colleagues from other charitable funds and public organizations decided to draw attention to this problem. According to them, in 2008 in a resolution of the General Assembly of the UN was noted that autism was widely spread among children. On the average, every sixty-eighth child has autism, but in some countries autism detected in every thirty-eighth child. There are many major events, which help people to know more about autism and problems of autistics. People learn how to live near such persons and how to help them to get past a “glass wall”. The charitable fund “Children of Russia” joined these events.

Different festivals, workshops, flash mobs, film shows and many other events held for persons with autism from late March to early April. There are many round-table conferences and seminars for specialists. Organizers and sponsors decided to create a series of public service advertising and translate them on large outdoor screens in Ekaterinburg. It will help people to know more about autism. The fund “Children of Russia” paid for creation of one of them.

"We cross with this problem. Parents of children with this diagnosis seek help from the project “He needs you”, said Marina Panfilova, Deputy Director of the charitable fund “Children of Russia”. "And exactly we take part in commemoration of “World Autism Awareness Day”.