A gifted boy from Sochi has unique vocal and he has won the all hearts of the juries of many contests and festivals. In 2015 Daniel Pluzhnikov was selected by the project “Voice. Kids – 3”, but there were some problems with payment of transport costs and accommodation in Moscow. Now he has arrived in Moscow and prepares for the next stage of the project, thanks to the support of the fund “Children of Russia”, which has taken the talented boy “under the wing”.

He will compete with the most gifted young vocalists from all over the country. But Daniel knows firsthand how to overcome difficulties and to go stagger along. The boy has systemic skeletal disease, metaphysical dysplasia of the upper and lower extremities. His height is only 98 centimeters at the age of 13.

“Mom, I’m not small, I can do everything by myself”, with this words the boy often has to prevent excessive care. Daniel knows that he is “special”. Maybe because of it the boy chooses the compositions, which are unusual for such a young musician. “I sing songs with deep meaning, which tell about the life, about the future and the past”. The complexity of this music is that it’s difficult to run the gamut of the emotions during the performance. “We took a part in many contests and Daniel passed them successfully. It’s good and, of course, he is a real fighter’, said the boy’s mother.

The first broadcast of the new season of the popular show is scheduled for 13th February. “We look forward to the performance of Daniel Podluzhnikov”, said Marina Panfilova, the deputy director of the charitable fund “Children of Russia”. “And, of course, we wish him success”.