Scholarship of the Charity Fund "Children of Russia" a gifted player Timur Fakhrutdinov from Verkhnyaya Pyshma (Sverdlovsk region) continues a series of successful performances at the tournament's highest level.

Not so long ago, Timur returned from Kazan, from traditional Memorial named after R.G. Nezhmetdinov. The boy fought with strong adult chess players from Tatarstan, and ably defended his position even in the battles with the most venerable players.

In the rapid chess tournament the young candidate master was third among boys. The "Classical" part of the tournament also has developed successfully. The coach Sergei Zhuravlev said that Timur spent very nice party with the strongest international grandmaster from Tatarstan, and by the end of the tournament he raised a FIDE rating higher than 2200 points.

Almost in every tournament Timur Fakhrutdinov improves its chess skills and achieves new successes: somewhere he won a prize, or the number of wins, somewhere the high rating. Sometimes the main achievement of the athlete becomes a beautiful game of chess with a strong contender. It is exactly that case at the tournament in Kazan, in the first round Timur had to fight with one of the strongest grandmasters of Tatarstan Ildar Ibragimov. The competition was intense and exciting, and most importantly a young athletes managed to still hold the position with black.