Using internet you can find only some information about the village Zarechnyi of Vladimir region. You can find location of the village, its dialing code, longitude and latitude…some photos of the landscape and that is all. But this place on the map has recently become the bright spot for the charity fund “Children of Russia”, because there is located the model ensemble of the children’s song “Ladushki”.

Children have been singing fervent pop songs and classical folk-songs since 2008 year. Every event of “Ladushki” is a real holiday. Recently a jury of the International festival-contest “Frost patterns” (which took place in the city Veliky Ustyug) has highly appreciated works of the ensemble. “Ladushki” took part in this festival-contest thanks to the charity fund “Children of Russia”.

“It was so exciting for us”, said Ludmila Skoromnikova, the head of the ensemble. “Qualifying rounds, master classes, excursions and etc. were a real adventure for children from small-town. We had new experience and new emotions, which would be stand in our mind. For example, children remembered our visit to Father Frost’s Estate”.

Father Frost was the best. It is not only the meaning of children, adults liked it extremely too. This meeting with the majestic wizard is more memorable than the first place in the competition, taking part in a gala concert and guaranteed participation in the grand final, which will be in St. Petersburg and the special prize for “the best costume”. Children song vocal composition for Father Frost and took pictures with him. They were driving home elated by success and full of winter magic.

“Success of the young vocalists showed again, that every talented person needed some support”, believe Marina Panfilova, Deputy Director of the charity fund “Children of Russia”. “I congratulate the ensemble “Ladushki” on their success and I think it is not the last success for them and our fund continues to support the young vocalists”.