A lot of people didn’t know anything about this event which was held here on 1 June. But music, bright colors and atmosphere full of joy and emotions attracted their attention and they joined us too.

Adult guests said about safety and comfort of the playground. They also said that every detail is well through out and practical. Then the clown Shlepa took a microphone and the main action began. There were dancing flash mob, distribution of air-balloons and ice cream.

The village head, Mikhail Fedushkin watched from the sidelines and reasoned that he had already arranged with local farmers and they would plant fruit trees behind the playground this autumn.

All serious discussions dissolved in the funny music. Children danced and had fun and tried to use all equipment. Over 100 children played in every corner of the playground while their parents sat on the cozy benches.

The mother of a little shy Gleb said: “We used everything on this playground and it is a perfect place. There is another one near, but that playground is more appropriate for teenagers”.

Some children liked pull-up bars extremely, others liked swings, but little Sofia liked dancing more. Well, this new playground allows dancing for children at any time. More than that, the cultural center of the village is located near the playground.

The Deputy Director of the charity fund “Children of Russia”, Marina Panfilova said: “We responded positively to the request. The fund and local authorities had been working on the project six month. I believe that this playground will bring joy to children for a long time and gets better all the time”.