The Fund has long-standing fellowship with Novohopersk School of Arts. For two years, the young students have been getting new opportunities for creative growth. So, songstress of the ensemble "Pryalitsa" now appears in costumes donated by the Fund (link to news) and the youngsters from the trumpet players’ ensemble  still remember a trip to the masterclass of Sergei Nakaryakov (link to news). Earlier this year, the school administration asked for help from the art department.

There are many the young artists, who decide to connect their future career with the fine art and  to enter at the specialized higher educational establishments. It is necessary to learn some basic skills of life drawing to pass creative examinations in the art and architectural schools, colleges and academies. There are enough wonderful landscapes within the precincts of the city Novokhopersk (Voronezh region), which can be limned in summer, winter or autumn. Also, children must learn to draw a human figure, and it is possible only by using special visual aids – «gypsum bodies». 


 - We recognize the importance teaching illustrative aids for the development of artistic skills, said Julia Nutenko, director of the Fund "Children of Russia". - Obviously, we could not disregard the school’s request for help in their acquisition, not least because of good results in the competitions of fine arts of different levels, which art department students have shown.

The transfer of illustrative gypsum aids, which the fund acquired for school, have become an independent creative project because they were presented by an unusual guest - professional artist of Voronezh, Evgenia Nozhkina. She told to Novokhopersk school’s students how to take the first steps in art, and held a master class for pupils of art department, using new educational figures already.

As explained by Lyubov Grigorieva, the director of the art school, the donated aids allow to raise the training of artists to a new level. Also, the meeting with Eugenia Nozhkina was a great event for children, before that, many of them could see successful and famous artist only on the Internet or on television.