The young designers and painters, who are the students of Alla Dianova, are unique. They feel keenly colors, materials and harmony of every new project.  Students study painting and creation of handmade dolls, collages and crafts. Children studies in the Vladikavkaz design-studio, which is located in the Center of aesthetic education of children “Tvorchestvo”. But the word “crafts” can’t describe in fulsome details children’s compositions, because it actually looks like sculptures, which are made of paper, fabric, clay and other materials.

The Deputy Director of the charity fund “Children of Russia”, Marina Panfilova said: The head of the studio applied for assistance. The studio needed money for participation in the contest “The palette of crafts”, which was held in Taganrog. All students who have participated in the contest are children from large families and their parents can’t assume the costs. And we helped them, because students of this studio are real masters.

A jury of the contest appreciated the art studio from Vladikavkaz. For example, Galina Gurtsieva took the third place in nomination “Guilling’’. She can justly be proud of this result. Gretta Gogieva, the girl who had become a winner of the all-Russian festival contest “Diamond panes”, took two first places in art nominations.

Alla Dianova said: We presented works in different nominations such as painting, modeling, macramé, collage, dolls and etc. All these works are result of accurate work and fantasy of the children. The children visited different master-classes and that gave them a new experience. And we want to say million thanks to the fund for its assistance.