At the end of September Maryana Naumova, a scholarship holder of the Charity Fund “Children of Russia”, the strongest girl in the world, came back from the USA tournament “Mister Olympia” where she had set a new world record among girls-teenagers. Maryana’s performance was sensational: in the third attempt she had easily lifted the enormous weight of 145 kg. 

The fifteen year old girl has already won lots of titles and prizes and she is not going to stop: “Of course I had been dreaming of lifting 150 kg in this tournament, I’d been preparing practically the whole year for it. Now I had to stop at 5 kg from my desired point. But it is also not bad”, the young sportswoman says.

Just imagine what can be weighting 145 kg? A table, a sofa, or your neighbor – this girl is capable of lifting the first, the second and the third and most likely all at once. But with her social activities she regularly shows that physical force and new records are not the main things for her.

“We support Maryana Naumova not only because of her diligent trainings and new successes”, Yulia Nutenko, the director of the Charity Fund “Children of Russia” says. She is promoting sport and healthy life-style among pupils and this is one of her most important merits. 

In June 2014 Maryana Naumova visited North Korea by the personal invitation of the DPRK Labour Party where she was holding seminars in children’s and sports organizations as well as in the military base. In the nearest future she is going to travel to the Syrian Republic with the humanitarian mission.


Maryana Naumova on «Joe Weider's Olympia weekend»