Gifted children, who are the follows of the charitable fund “Children of Russia” reveal new faces of their talents and go forward with their creative skill. Tatyana Loginova became the winner of the II degree of the International competition of young singers. This competition was held in early February in Ekaterinburg.

Other follow of the fund Mariana Naumova, who is the strongest teenager of the planet, prepares for the next tournament “Arnold Classic”. This tournament of the strongest powerlifters of the world is conducted by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The young athlete from Khimki (the town in Moscow region) was invited for the fourth time.

“We will support Mariana once again and will help to pay for an expensive flight to Los Angeles”, said Marina Panfilova, the deputy director of the charitable fund “Children of Russia”. “Her sport activity and promotion of healthy lifestyles deserve great respect. And, of course, we are waiting for her new successes!”