The sea is rough. It changes its color from blue to green. A little goldfish is swimming on the surface of the water in this bad weather. And now the sea wave has covered her, but this little runaway goldfish doesn’t want to give up. Fins of the fish transforms into hands and legs, red scale becomes a dress and wind blows red hair.

The culmination of the cartoon “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea” impressed children. Between the viewers were patients of the Child-Onco Hematology Center №1. They agreed to became a guest of this realize and they didn’t regret it. Movie critic Anton Dolin explained the idea of the cartoon for children and adults who didn’t understand the plot after the event.

At the first days of August it was difficult to find empty seats again. There were a lot of viewers of all ages: little children with mothers and fathers, teenagers and wards of the Ministry for Social Policy of the Sverdlovsk Region. They watched the film “The Field of Enchantment” created by Hayao Miyazaki and Marie Perennou, which is devoted to the nature of Normandy. This work showed the mystery and beautiful world of the countryside, a small pond and green fields.

Ilya Kolmanovsky, who is a broadcaster and life scientists, told children about the real magic among us: interesting life of birds and insects. He invited the auditorium to think about different and simple things at the first glance. For example, why back of the swallow is dark and breast is white or how the soldier crab fixes seashells and etc. More than that, he told kids about his work and about different methods, which he usually uses watching animal life.

“We invited little patients of the Child Onco-Hematology Center №1 and wards of the Ministry for Social Policy of the Sverdlovsk Region, because there was the interesting cartoon and film and also interesting guests. It’s a real holiday for children to visit such events”, Julia Nutenko, the Director of the charity fund “Children of Russia” said. “I believe that this meeting has made a mark in everyone’s heart”.