Maryana Naumova, the foundationer of  the Charitable Fund “Children of Russia”, set a world record: I lifted a bar weighing 150 kilograms (330 lb). Achievement was recorded on the “Arnold Bench Bach” tournament within the world's biggest sports multifestival "Arnold Classic 2015" which took place from 6 to 8 March in Columbus, Ohio, the USA.

Also, the previous world record among teens girls belongs to Maryana: in September 2014 on  “Arnold Classic-2014” tournament she dealt with the weight 145 kilograms. During her career, the sportswoman set more than 15 different world records in a bench press among girls, she has  the title of master of sports of Russia of the international class, also she is the four-time bench press world champion. Russian Maryana Naumova became the first minor girl in the world admitted to professional powerlifting competitions.

– We congratulate Maryana for a new world record. Our fund has been supporting her for some years already. – said Yuliya Nutenko, director of the fund. – Year by year, she has been trying to improve her sport skills and reaches new heights.

She risked her live for the record

In any sport, the victory achieved by tough struggles, trainings and lasting self-improvement. The support of relatives has a significant role as well: Maryana’s father (is also a powerlifter) helps to her in trainings, competitions, and with a sport career development. Maryana is  keen on heavier things, rather than clothes or hairdresses and her mother respects it: she does sports herself (bodybuilding and fitness).

Professional trainers say- the great sport is risky and traumatic, and especially the strength sport. Therefore, a coach, who is planning a schedule , diet and training loads, becomes the second "father" or "mother" for each successful athlete. According to Maryana Naumova, in her kind of sports and particularly in competitions, the role of a coach and assistants is very significant. In case of an accident, when a heavy-weight bar slip from your hands, they have to hold it and thereby save your live. This year, Maryana have to perform without her couch and assistants, so that, trying to lift the bar weighing 150 kilograms, she had to confide her life to almost strangers.

Because of visa problems, my coach could not come with me and I asked for help to my American friends-athletes. I'm glad everything has worked out. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself congratulated me for the record and we had a chance to talk a little bit - said Maryana.

Embassador for  Peace

Sport gives us not only venturous spectacles or the emulative spirit. The first Olympic Games symbolized a friendship and a union between different nations as a great holiday of the world. Since then, the competition integrates people of different ages, interests and nationalities.

Maryana Naumova was caught up in the foundationers of the Charitable Fund "Children of Russia" not only and not so much for her achievements in sport, but for humanitarian activities on healthy lifestyle promotion. It is an example which shows that the sport means beauty, friendship and a mutual support. She regularly meets with students from different cities and shows how to deal with physical therapy and do exercises, explains how to choose "their" kind of sports and begin to do it.

Maryana’s sport achievements made her world famous, and now she is invited to a meetings with the youngsters to other countries. In June 2014, she gave several seminars in the schools of North Korea. In October of the last year, the athlete came to Donetsk and Lugansk.