The activity room in Rezh is fifteenth opened room with the support of the charity fund “Children of Russia”. “This activity room can be used like play room, room for therapeutic physical training and place for creative work”, said Marina Panfilova, the Deputy Director of the charity fund “Children of Russia”.

This room was reconstructed. There were bought the newest equipment and training vehicles, gaming modules, children’s furniture, dry basin, sensor equipments, big TV set and etc. More than that, painters drawed all walls with elements of marine decorations. People smiled seeing fingerlings and octopuses, ships and a team of little owls looked like sailors. More than that, there was a real owl too. Children liked it extremely. Red owl “Yoghurt” reacted calmly to everything that was happening.

“This room was our dream. And we are so glad that our dream has come true. This is the greatest gift in history of our hospital. And we are so happy that this room will bring joy to all children of our city”, think Alexander Yazvenko, the Chief Doctor of the Hospital.

The doctors and the hospital management were afraid that young patient would not want to leave this room. And they were right. Children occupied it and tried to use equipment unstoppable.

The main idea of this activity room was creating such place, where children could waste their free time with maximum benefit. “Look at children’s faces. What result do you want to see else?”, said Vladimir Beloglazov, the Director of Common Affairs of OOO “UMMC Holding”, the Vice President of the charity fund “Children of Russia”.