For most of the children the walls of the medical institution become "house" for many months. When walks and games, meetings with contemporaries and many entertainments which are so necessary for children, are forbidden, here come to the aid such things as paints, pastel, colored cards and all variety of techniques. It is possible to design a butterfly or a pigeon, a rainbow or incredible fantastic world and at least for a while to forget about droppers, injections, painful and attritional therapy.

During the first months of work of the service volunteers started to open the many-sided world of art for the children of the Center of children's oncology and hematology. Boys and girls with great relish and interest learned elements of painting in oils and water color, participated in master classes in various directions and styles.

In the middle of March they organized the first class in application for children. Pictures were bright and colorful, as the first colors of the springing grass, the high blue sky, – so saturated and beaming.

On the 10th of April the children under the Center of children's oncology care were preparing for the Easter celebration, studying technique "decoupage" and trying to apply it when coloring eggs. In spite of the fact that this method of drawing is considered to be one of the most difficult, many children have shown real masterpieces. They didn't want to present them as a festive treat: they could admire their "painted Easter eggs" and they did that by themselves!

In the middle of April, Maria Katts, the art director of the Ural Vision Gallery, held a creative meeting for the boys and girls who are interested so much in "high" art and told them about pop art style and helped to make some works.

At first it was a little desperate to participate in work of the voluntary service, but then there were familiar faces in the audience– constant attentive listeners and active participants, and that became much easier. This work is not a very usual entertainment, it is not of general interest and claims attention and patience of the listeners. – told Maria. – Anxiety is to be a normal reaction from my side in such a situation. But when you meet the same boys and girls’ faces during half a year, you understand that you are important for them.

The volunteers’ schedule of work is rather intense. There are some lessons for small audience, also different meetings with interesting people for the children under care of the Center. There are also such great actions, as, for example, a big voluntary Saturday work on the 24th of April in the territory of Regional children's clinical hospital No. 1 and the Center of children's oncology and hematology.