For 13 years, in Borisoglebsk (the Voronezh Region) the charitable telethon ‘’we are the people’’ has been realized. For a few days citizens raise money for severely ill children. The idea to create this telethon belongs to Elena Fominih. Elena is director of a local TV company. Every year almost every citizen of Borisoglebsk reminds that ‘’we are the people...’’ and makes small contribution, which is important for saving children’s life.

The fund ‘’Children of Russia’’ is a partner of the project for several years. In 2012 the fund helped the young wards of the telethon to visit Moscow and to see a magical musical “The Little Mermaid”. More than that, they visited Ded Moroz’s residence.


 It was a real miracle, expressed her emotions Oksana Malina, who is one of participants of the telethon. Hospitals, medicines, consultation of doctors disappeared for a while and we were given a real fairy tale.

In 2013 the fund “Children of Russia” helped to pay the endoprosthesis for Katya Shikun. At the end of 2015 the fund “took under the wing” Darya Meleshina. The girl has terrible disease juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and she needs regular injections of “Metoject”.

Proper and timely treatment and taking expensive meds help Dasha to be like her healthy coevals. She likes to paint and play. She does mathematics, but her favourite subjects are arts. A few years ago it seemed almost impossible. The doctors said that disease would progress and Dasha would lose ability to move and become severely disabled.

“Unfortunately, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis is an incurable disease, but the doctors can minimize its manifestations, which threaten vitals and hamper growth and development”, said the doctor of Dasha. According to the doctors, she must to take meds everyday without any exceptions. And the fund’s help of buying this expensive medicine is the solution of the girl’s most important problems.


We undertook to provide”Metojet” during the year. Supposedly it will cost about 250 000 rubles. The first part of medicine has already been paid, said Julia Nutenko, the director of the charity fund “Children of Russia”. I hope that our involvement will help the young participant of the telethon to live without pain and manifestation of the terrible disease and to feel herself normal child.

In the picture: Darya Meleshina with her mother (near, on the left) and the team of the charitable telethon "We are the people".