Darina is 16 and she has won many contests in Poland, Prague, Hungary and Russia. She is the first flute in the orchestra of folk instruments “Malachite”, which is the part of the Sverdlovsk State Children’s Philharmonic. The girl won and achieved many awards, but the main aim for her was possibility to play and do music. Now the fund “Children of Russia” is going to support the girl on the road to success.

“When the girl’s relatives contacted us, we couldn’t say “no” to such talented musician”, said Julia Nutenko, the director of the charitable fund “Children of Russia”. “She acts so brilliant in different contests and I believe she will reach the top of success with our support”.

According to the girl’s grandmother, a few years ago exactly the fund helped Darina to begin her career as a musician outside her native city. The fund helped the girl to go to Moscow to participate at the Vladimir Spivakov’s concert. This concert was the beginning of the success. “Today the granddaughter spends all her spare time doing music. And we are so happy, when we see her smile. And we say million thanks to the fund for new opportunities”, said Galina Fedorovna.