The magic of the holiday is created by us

Every year a competition of handcraft items (for example, cards, Christmas-tree ornaments) is held as a part of the Christmas campaign. A New Year card is a usual thing. Lots of bright and colorful greetings can be seen on the shelves in shops, in stationery stands and souvenir stores. But the members of the “Children of Russia” Fund think that only hand-made cards can bring real kind magic.

Every year we are amazed by the handcraft works of children, participants of the ‘Christmas campaign’. They are sincere and kind, light and warm like our favorite holiday.

Children use paper and cardboard, foil and tinsel, gouache and watercolor to make those familiar pictures.

Thanks to the diligence, sincerity and fantasy of the young creators the spirit of the New Year and Christmas is expressed in every card and every ornament, even in the simplest one.

The competitors are divided into three age groups: between 4-7 years, between 8-10 and between 11-14 years.

Three prizewinners are awarded in each group: for the first, second and third places.

Letters of recognition and sweet presents are prepared for the winners and the most active participants of the competition.

For more information on terms of competition, dates and rules of registration and handcraft items requests see the attachment.