Join the holiday!

Five qualifying rounds of the sports and entertainment show “Sem-Ya” that were held in such cities as Shadrinsk, Rubtsovsk, Sibay, Uchaly, and Tyumen are left behind. In each city the event has become a really big day. In total, about 400 young artists have performed at the arenas, 2,500 balloons have decorated the sites. Thousands of spectators have come to cheer for the participants and meet the birthday of the Fund “Children of Russia”.

“Sem-Ya” has started

Outside the window of sports complex “Olimp” of Shadrinsk town it was a cold autumn wet day, but inside, on the arenas and the sports ground, it was hot as in summer. The hall was full of spectators with multicoloured air balloons. Singers, dancers, circus actors and, naturally, the main characters – four sporting families – were the artists. These were the components of a real cheerful festival which was held by the Fund “Children of Russia” on the 9th of September.

Even more domesticity

The sports festival “Family” the Foundation “Children of Russia” holds more than 15 years. During this time, more and more regions join funny family competitions: It’s spectacular, funny, sporty and, most importantly, family-warm and friendly.

Good deeds are always near

Having celebrated the holidays with the children from the city of Novohoperska (Voronezh region), the staff of the fund hurried on. Where? On the sports show “Family”, in the city of Kolchugino (Vladimir region). Participants, moms, dads and their children, swiftly passed the baton and enjoyed the entertainment – laser tag, volleyball, quad biking – sponsored by “Elektrokabel Kolchuginsky Plant” Ltd. The company traditionally celebrates its birthday, together with the foundation, arranging a day for family rest and sports.

The superpower of XVII festival “My family and I”

The mechanism of the magic clock started to work and all guests of the festival froze in anticipation of a real miracle. The long-awaited holiday was due to start in a minute. It was the birthday of the charity fund “Children of Russia” and Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company. But the magic clock unexpectedly stopped: the holiday was at risk and only real superheroes – sporting families could save the situation.  

“My family and I” is ready for the final game!

Fathers rode big inflatable horses like real cowboys. Mothers got fast into big yellow sumo wrestlers’ costumes and moved to a finish line gracefully. The youngest members of the teams drove scooters and hoverboards, move in huge boots and slippers. And it was only a small part of different vehicles and strange shoes that they used.

To secure a berth to the qualifying round

The best sporting families of the city Kolchugino went out into green field of the stadium.  Everybody was rather nervous and felt anticipation. The Sport Festival “My family and I” visited them in the day of the city. More than that, it was the day of two backbone enterprises of the city: AO “EKZ” and ZAO “Kolchugcvetmet”.