According to the rules of Her Majesty the Fantasy

On this day, on May 26, at first glance, nothing unusual happened in Yekaterinburg. The townspeople hurried on their business; Friday night, bright sun, flowering apple trees. Running pedestrians and drivers behind the wheel did not notice the most important thing: Thousands of sparkling precious threads stretched through the streets and squares from all over the country and even from Belarus, Kazakhstan, China to the Yekaterinburg theater of the young spectator. There was a gala concert of the contest “Diamond Planes”, which was held for the 18th time by the Charity Fund “Children of Russia”.

Towards the amazing world

Young participants of the Russian festival-contest of the young talents “Diamond panes” can make real miracles. By fulfilling their dreams, they let to a tremendous flight an incredible bird – fantasy. Its plume is pouring all the colors of the rainbow and the bright colors of the children’s paintings. In a  ringing voice – magic songs, in which both merry laughter and iridescent  tears, because sometimes, when you feel something special, they  unwittingly appear … from happiness. And  if this miracle bird suddenly starts talking lines from children’s  stories, sketches, essays, then it is simply impossible to break away  from its fascinating and full of adventures story.

Fantasy without borders

According to judges of the open all-Russian contest of young talent “Diamond panes”, children’s craft are offbeat word pictures, unusual content and exciting images. It’s like a kaleidoscope. Every year talents of young participants can provide an opportunity for feeling an unforgettable moments. Childish imagination is the best source for it.

Constellation of talents

This year the festival was held for the 16th time. It would seem, there is considerable history, what can surprise the audience? “Every year, the contestants give us their unforgettable works, and make real creative wonders – smiled Julia Nutenko, the director of the foundation.- Therefore, we as the organizers, are obliged to keep up with them and discover new sides of immensely rich and fascinating world of children’s creativity to the audience.”