And again — exams for the highest score

Darina Shilyaeva has passed several emotive and significant events. The first one is final exams in the grammar school, after which in her school certificate there are only three “good” marks and the rest are “excellent”. According to Darina’s grandmother, the most anxiety was before the second one: the entrance examinations to Musical College named after P.I.Tchaikovsky. A hundred of diplomas and awards for participation in various competitions, a great love of tender melody of flute, high skill – and still Darina was not completely sure of what she would enter. And now the long-awaited results became known: the flute – 10 points out of 10 possible; solfeggio – 9 points out of 9 possible. With such scores, the girl immediately fell into the freshman ranks.

Big wins of small stars

Uralets Timur Fakhrutdinov, a gifted chess player, a scholarship of the “Children of Russia” foundation, a two-time European champion and first-grader Kazbek Gioev from Vladikavkaz are not familiar with each other, but “met” on the pages of this site not by chance: the reason for this is the successes they have achieved thanks to the fund.

We hasten to please with success!

The world of Darina Shilyaeva is filled with complex, beautiful and subtle melodies of an elegant flute. It is this tool that she dreams of dedicating her entire life to. Surrendering to music, the girl does not forget to study hard and successfully master the school curriculum. According to her relatives, she is preparing to take the OGE and is taking preparatory classes at the ODL at the Sverdlovsk Music College. named after P.I. Tchaikovsky – it is there she plans to enter this summer.

“Like a beautiful swan …”

Alika Tuayeva several times became an awardee of “Diamond Panes” competition and was among the winners of many other prestigious creative competitions. However, to be a winner of “The children of Russia” charity, it is not enough to have a long list of creative victories, as well as a unique, strong, piercing voice and artistry. What then is needed to enter the bright galaxy of talents that the fund cares about?

Another gold medal of European Championship

In the big hall was total silence. A lot of people: girls and boys, serious men and women didn’t say any word. All views were concentrated on two young boys. It was the final round. There was a lot at stake – the title of the European Champion of 2016 year. The “crown” of winner could win the boy from Austria and the ward of the charity fund “Children of Russia”, the FIDE master from Verkhnyaya Pyshma (the Sverdlovsk Region), Timur Fakhrutdinov. As the result, the main prize “flew” to the Urals.

The champion of the Delphic Games of the modern era

The talented pianist Andrei Leshkin practices hard and looks deeper into the mysteries of the world of piano music. Teachers saw the boy’s talent a long time ago and the results of the contests confirmed this. So, the boy became the owner of the Grand prix of the XXXXVI International festival of creative teams of all ages and performers of “The Admiralty star”.

Perform with clockwork precision

The young flutist Darina Shilyaeva became a winner of the first degree at festival “Fun to play together – 2016” and became a diploma winner at more prestigious festival “DUDAS”. These festivals were held in Ekaterinburg and these wins confirmed the girl’s talent again.