We open a road to the future to talented children from all parts of Russia and the former Soviet Union

A creative competition among the participants of the open all-Russian festival-competition of young talents “Diamond Patterns” has become traditional since 1999. For all its history 40000 children took part in it, the youngest of them was only one year and a half.

Every year organizers of the competition receive several thousands requests from children who are younger than 18 years of age. In 2012 requests for the competition were sent by more than 5000 men from more than 60 regions and republics of Russia and also from Latvia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, India, and Greece.

Children from different regions of Russia, from Yakutia to North Osetia, the former State Union and far-abroad countries submit their best works, vocal and dancing performances to the competition. Every work is judged by professional jury. It consists of writers, artists, choreographers and pop singers famous in the Ural and in Russia.

Criterions of value for children’s creative works are extensive enough. They are artistic depth and expressiveness, originality and independence. But the most important criterion is the way how the child expresses himself. It is not important whether he exercises intentionally (participation in the competition doesn’t require professional training) or creates his works intuitively. The most important thing is whether creativity appears in his works.

The ceremony traditionally is held in the best music-halls of Yekateriburg city and coincides to the Children’s Protection Day. More than 60 participants of the competition become its laureates and diploma winners. During one year gala-concerts and picture shows of the festival travel to different cities of Russia.

In the Regulation you can find the more detailed information about the time of submitting the requests, the requirements for the execution of the requests and the order of the competition.

The results of the XIV Open all-Russian festival-competition of young talents “Diamond Patterns”: laureates and diploma winners.

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Join the holiday!

Five qualifying rounds of the sports and entertainment show “Sem-Ya” that were held in such cities as Shadrinsk, Rubtsovsk, Sibay, Uchaly, and Tyumen are left behind. In each city the event has become a really big day. In total, about 400 young artists have performed at the arenas, 2,500 balloons have decorated the sites. Thousands of spectators have come to cheer for the participants and meet the birthday of the Fund “Children of Russia”.

“Sem-Ya” has started

Outside the window of sports complex “Olimp” of Shadrinsk town it was a cold autumn wet day, but inside, on the arenas and the sports ground, it was hot as in summer. The hall was full of spectators with multicoloured air balloons. Singers, dancers, circus actors and, naturally, the main characters – four sporting families – were the artists. These were the components of a real cheerful festival which was held by the Fund “Children of Russia” on the 9th of September.

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