Presents from “Cinichki”

Have you ever heard about Cinichki? Cinichki are wonder-birds, which give you good mood and smiles. We saw this on New Year’s Eve. Our little ward of the charity project “He needs you” received special gifts. There were holiday clothes and home suits from the owners of the trademark “Cinichki”.

The New Year fairy tale

Before the New Year, 9-year-old Denis broke the piggy bank and gave 2,000 roubles to ill children. “Do I need it? I already have everything I need”, the little charity giver shrugged his shoulders. Smiling and happy for his kindness, the boy joyfully left the Fund. In the future, there will be many pre-New Year things to do. Miracles for our children have just begun from the visit of this special guest.

The warmest evening

About a hundred young guests were preparing carefully for that evening. Snowflakes, fairies, princes, knights – no matter how the children described their images, each of them looked really enchantingly. “We have been preparing for this evening and waiting for true miracles”, mother of 8-year-old Georgiy said. Actually the boy could not tell himself what adventures he was awaiting in that evening. The beard of Ded Moroz did not let to speak and take it off the boy refused. How could he stay without the main part of his image before starting?!

To take in the arts

Recently a special guest – an artist and art expert, Nadezhda Matsenko – visited the Centre of child oncology and hematology of the city of Yekaterinburg. In a small session, there was everything but boredom. While Nadezhda was talking, attentive and interested listeners came to the room. But the guest and volunteers did not talk only about the impressionism.

Physiotherapy like an adventure!

In a few last days 6-year-old Dasha comes back to the ward skipping after morning procedures. Her mother Eugenia supposes that in a new block of the Medical rehabilitation department of CMCH No.9 you begin recovering and inspiring with fine mood even before the session starts. The walls with bright pictures, comfortable atmosphere of the halls and rooms help to smile more often and forget about disease.

Got to the top five

In the last days of October in Moscow there was a festive presentation of the award of the foundation “Podari Zhizn”. The ceremony was held as part of the VII Annual Conference “Charity Against Cancer”.

Join the holiday!

Five qualifying rounds of the sports and entertainment show “Sem-Ya” that were held in such cities as Shadrinsk, Rubtsovsk, Sibay, Uchaly, and Tyumen are left behind. In each city the event has become a really big day. In total, about 400 young artists have performed at the arenas, 2,500 balloons have decorated the sites. Thousands of spectators have come to cheer for the participants and meet the birthday of the Fund “Children of Russia”.

For EcoYear

Through the September dozens of works of the young authors, who were 7-14-year-old, were sended to the editorial office of AiF – Chernozemye. The publisher and Fund “Children of Russia” had suggested children to write about things that each of us can do to preserve nature. As a result, nine best stories were awarded and three best works were published in the newspaper.