Got to the top five

In the last days of October in Moscow there was a festive presentation of the award of the foundation “Podari Zhizn”. The ceremony was held as part of the VII Annual Conference “Charity Against Cancer”.

We thank all those who decided to run!

For two month every person can register for taking part in the charity run of lawyers “Ural Legal Run”. Citizens of Ekaterinburg joined the run, which took place in 26 cities and 14 countries all over the world such us Russia, USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, New Zealand and etc.

Run because “HE NEEDS YOU!”

We invite all not indifferent people to take part in the charity run of lawyers – Legal Run 2016! It’s a unique federal project, which unites all lawyers all over the world for the third time. The main aim of the project is help for seriously ill children. This year will be the first run in Ekaterinburg. All collected funds will be used to help participants of the project “He needs you”.

The time for conversance with a culture

Strangers do not visit an oncological center frequently. There is a special security arrangement, order, safety regulations, which mean isolation. This isolation is important for fighting with a horrible disease like a cancer. A voluntary service tries to draw the curtain, which isolate relatives and patients of the center from the other world. Volunteers have already given many new emotions to small patients. These smiles and joy helped them to move confidently to struggle the disease.