Painting the whole world

In 2010 the fund “Children of Russia” became the world’s only charitable organization, which joins the world association of organizations of the centers and clubs of UNESCO. From this moment has started collaboration in different ways. UNESCO supports and arranges many creative events. From 1 February began reception of works for All-Russian stage of international festival “The children are painting the world. Asia”.

Sing to the entire country!

A gifted boy from Sochi has unique vocal and he has won the all hearts of the juries of many contests and festivals. In 2015 Daniel Pluzhnikov was selected by the project “Voice. Kids – 3”, but there were some problems with payment of transport costs and accommodation in Moscow. Now he has arrived in Moscow and prepares for the next stage of the project, thanks to the support of the fund “Children of Russia”, which has taken the talented boy “under the wing”.

The first flute in the orchestra

Darina is 16 and she has won many contests in Poland, Prague, Hungary and Russia. She is the first flute in the orchestra of folk instruments “Malachite”, which is the part of the Sverdlovsk State Children’s Philharmonic. The girl won and achieved many awards, but the main aim for her was possibility to play and do music. Now the fund “Children of Russia” is going to support the girl on the road to success.

The first part of medicine has been paid for Daria Meleshina

For 13 years, in Borisoglebsk (the Voronezh Region) the charitable telethon ‘’we are the people’’ has been realized. For a few days citizens raise money for severely ill children. The idea to create this telethon belongs to Elena Fominih. Elena is director of a local TV company. Every year almost every citizen of Borisoglebsk reminds that ‘’we are the people…’’ and makes small contribution, which is important for saving children’s life.

On the way to “the great” art

The Fund has long-standing fellowship with Novohopersk School of Arts. For two years, the young students have been getting new opportunities for creative growth. So, songstress of the ensemble “Pryalitsa” now appears in costumes donated by the Fund (link to news) and the youngsters from the trumpet players’ ensemble  still remember a trip to the masterclass of Sergei Nakaryakov (link to news). Earlier this year, the school administration asked for help from the art department.

Easter eggs “decoupage” and lessons of pop art

For most of the children the walls of the medical institution become “house” for many months. When walks and games, meetings with contemporaries and many entertainments which are so necessary for children, are forbidden, here come to the aid such things as paints, pastel, colored cards and all variety of techniques. It is possible to design a butterfly or a pigeon, a rainbow or incredible fantastic world and at least for a while to forget about droppers, injections, painful and attritional therapy.

Voluntary’s Work Service is continued

Volunteers continue to surprise the children under care of the Centre of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology with the new projects. Regularly for boys and girls of the Center there are master classes on drawing, molding. Most recently the children learned to do pictures of color napkins. According to the coordinator of this master class, its participants were so fond that they held additional class to finish their work. And this painstaking work was not ineffective: there was colorific bright picture.

New Year’s journey of «Smetlivy»

The charity fund «Children of Russia» has organized unusual journey for 25 people – 13 children and their parents – members of the team of one of the oldest ships of the Black Sea fleet of Russia – of the guard ship «Smetlivy». From the 5 till the 9 of January young citizens of Sevastopol and their parents were honorary guests of the Ural capital.