“The princess of bench press” at her best

Maryana, girl from the city Khimki (Moscow region) who is a scholar of the charity fund “Children of Russia”, was invited to join “Arnold Classic” competition last year. People called the school girl “Princess of bench press”. Maryana sets new records and has excellent marks at school every year. She meets with other school students in different regions of our country. The girl is the example of benefit of healthy style of life.

Now without a rival

Maryana Naumova, the foundationer of  the Charitable Fund “Children of Russia”, set a world record: I lifted a bar weighing 150 kilograms (330 lb). Achievement was recorded on the “Arnold Bench Bach” tournament within the world’s biggest sports multifestival “Arnold Classic 2015” which took place from 6 to 8 March in Columbus, Ohio, the USA.

Tournament calendar

Last year Timur Fakhrutdinov, the scholar of the charity fund «Children of Russia», became the champion of Europe among young males. This eminent sporting achievement of the young inhabitant of Verkhnyaya Pyshma town (Sverdlovsk region) led it to the category of players of a class «A». The main objective for a season 2015/2016 – is to show again good results in high-level sport, and for this purpose it is necessary to work hard and beat strong rivals.

Among the leaders once again

The young chess player Timur Fakhrutdinov has performed a high level of game once again, this time at home arena. A traditional City Cup, which is one of the children’s Russian Cup stages, has finished in Yekaterinburg; it was the fourth in succession now.

Another “Olympic” record

At the end of September Maryana Naumova, a scholarship holder of the Charity Fund “Children of Russia”, the strongest girl in the world, came back from the USA tournament “Mister Olympia” where she had set a new world record among girls-teenagers. Maryana’s performance was sensational: in the third attempt she had easily lifted the enormous weight of 145 kg.