“The princess of bench press” at her best

Maryana, girl from the city Khimki (Moscow region) who is a scholar of the charity fund “Children of Russia”, was invited to join “Arnold Classic” competition last year. People called the school girl “Princess of bench press”. Maryana sets new records and has excellent marks at school every year. She meets with other school students in different regions of our country. The girl is the example of benefit of healthy style of life.

Maryana pressed 150 kg last year using a special shirt-corset. This year she tried to set a new individual record, but she has pressed only 110 kg without any equipments. However, this result is the world record for girls under 18.

“We thank the fund and all people who support and help us to achieve new success. This year we have crossed with some “problems”, because have changed the rules of drug testing”, said Alexander Naumov, the girl’s father. “We had to do doping test in Minsk, then it was transferred to Drezden. The result, of course, was negative. More than that, Maryna had doping test in the USA and it confirmed the first negative result”.

Now all procedures were left behind and Maryana prepares for new competitions. She will participate in the championship of Belarus and then maybe she will visit the “Arnold Classic” competition in Republic of South Africa. Moreover, Maryana is going to participate in Russian Championship in Arkhangelsk this autumn.

“We congratulate Maryana with new achievements and we are so proud of her and her results”, said Marina Panfilova, the Deputy Director of the charity fund “Children of Russia”. “We wish her good lack and new achievements. We will closely follow the progress of her”.