Hot days on the ice

Trainers of the teams looked like generals during the battle. Young hockey players did everything fast and correct what trainers told them. They moved fast, defended and attacked, passed puck between each other. Fans chanted “pucks”, “come on!” and “go!”. Wave of emotions came over grandstands. The first play went so far. And whole tournament went so far too.

“We wanted to create atmosphere of children’s sports and hockey holiday for all participants and guests of the tournament. I’m so happy that we have held this event”, said Andrei Kozitsyn, the General Director of the UMMC, the president of the charity fund “Children of Russia”.

The event turned out very positive, bright and multifaceted. The organizers did everything for that. The tournament was full of emotions, wild delights, bitter disappointments and etc. All of these are the part of the good game. Every person who saw games on this tournament was satisfied. There were real hot games on the ice. All winning places were known only after the final match. The Orsk team won the main prize in the final minutes. The second place went to team from the town Uchaly. Domestic team took the third place. All participants of the tournament received prizes from the UMMC and the charity fund “Children of Russia”.

Especially all funs remembered the most unusual hockey player and also the only one girl in the tournament.

“I have chosen this kind of sport like my brother and I like it extremely”, said very shy blue eyed blonde, forward of the team, Ksenia Turina. “I’m not afraid of playing hockey. But sometimes I feel sadness, when somebody does checking or steal the puck”.

Every team solved its own problems. “It’s a good practice for us. We don’t have many games this year”, said Denis Kondratiev, coach of the team from Ekaterinburg. “Our Reserves practiced different elements”, shared Denis Antonov, coach of   Metallurg Magnitogorsk.

“It’s already been decided to hold this tournament every year”, said Marina Panfilova, the Deputy Director of the charity fund “Children of Russia”. “I believe that all viewers have become a real fun of this childish, but rather serious and entertaining hockey and they will join us next year”.