Family work out

Six sports family teams each consisting of a mother, a father and two children, took part in the competition in sports complex “Khoper” at the end of November. Well-trained and striving for victory Zhogovs, Gritsenko, Visloguzovs, Petrovs, Nikitins and Radchuk families entered the arena. Four stages of the sports and amusing show Sem-Ya were waiting for them.

Family celebration

Birthday is the most desirable holiday since the childhood. Long-awaited guests, the most delicious eats and drinks, kind congratulations. On October the 18 on the arena of the Palace of court sports there were bright sparks of fun like lightful chrysanthemums of exciting fireworks – the charity fund “Children of Russia” and Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company were celebrating their 15th birthday.

After a storm

The sports and entertaining show “My Family and I” becomes peculiar every year: new competitions, new families-participants, creative spots and new performances of Russian celebrities. This year “My Family and I” was conducted in a marine style: water noise, little sailors in striped vests, stage made like a deck, and a boatswain-host, and his little assistant, a sailor boy by the wheel.