Gymnastics for little fidgets

A few days ago, the Fund has opened another children’s playroom. Now, there are all the things needed for little fidgets in the room, created at the hospital of Kopeysk city (Chelyabinsk region). The Fund provided the room with equipment, so boys and girls can play and do gymnastics: a dry basin, gymnastic equipment, pads, balls, skip ropes, hoops, bar bells and so on.

In this project, we concentrated on sports component of children’s leisure, in compliance with the wish of the hospital. Every health care centre has its own specificity, which is certainly to be reckoned with. – says Yulia Nutenko, director of the Fund”Children of Russia”. – When creating each project, we work closely with medical professionals and equip room for the hospital use.

The playroom was developing, thinking up and gradually transfiguring due to the people’s kind involvement: with the help of executive management and staff of the hospital, also the company of JSC “Chelyabinsk zinc factory”, and the Health Department of the city administration. These enterprises and organizations have make a fierce effort to the room’s fastest opening.

– We could not imagine that we ever will see something like that. When I saw a ready-made for the opening playroom, it was a little bit sadly, as I  could not  have got in my childhood such wonderful toys and facilities. – Smiled Alevtina Fazrakhmanova, principal chief nurse of the hospital. Some of these days, boys and girls will start therapeutic physical training in the bright, light and very comfortable room.