More “sweet vitamins”

Today the little patients of Kirovgrad hospital had a real holiday. A cheerful event helped to forget about tablets and injections and enthusiastically study the advantages of the new game room which was presented by the Fund “Children of Russia”.

Children’s training equipment, wall bars with horizontal bars and rings, a dry pool, sensor modules and cabinets full of albums, construction sets and table learning games – now all of these are at their disposal. The doctors and medical personnel also examined the premises with joy: here it is possible to carry out gymnastics and lessons of exercise therapy and entertain spare time of children from 0 to 14 years old cheerily and with profit.

Pictures on the walls create remarkable atmosphere in the room. The authors of the room project are sure: the green meadows, hills, trees and rainbows can help children to recover more quickly.

“The room came out such as we had imagined it: bright, colourful and interesting, — Julia Nutenko, the director of the Fund, noticed. — We are sure that the time spent here would help children as good as medicines. It’s a vitamin of joy which is so necessary for their recovery!”