To unite play and study There is a special room for «special» children in Elan-Koleno village.

This room – tenth by this time, opened within the framework of «Children in a hospital». It intended for studies, games and rehabilitation. There are the area with soft units and meccano, dry pool and soft padded stools for active children. There are colors, plasticine, developmental simulators, dolls, meccano and a lot of different things for the most assiduous children. A computer is for study, a table – for painting and touch-sensitive board.

– There is equipment for lessons, games and rehabilitation: that children can not only spend their spare time with maximum advantage, but study, examine the world around us, develop motive and mental faculties– Yulia Nutenko said, the director of charitable foundation «Children of Russia».

In the centre of psychology-medical-social support focuses is on «special» children, which have congenital abnormality of mentality and delay of mental development. As Svetlana Sveshnikova, the director of the centre, said it’s important to teach children not only to work by hand that they can provide themselves in adult life, but give a treat. There are not only classrooms, workout rooms, but sewing joiner’s shops, their own not very big livestock farm, all these for all-round education of children.

Now there are opportunities for making educational process is more «playing», more accessible to younger children and children of middle ages.

– The room will be opened for not only regular pupils of the centre, but for the children of Elan-Koleno village with such diagnosis as «infantile cerebral paralysis», other central nervous system damages; for the children with mental deviations; for those who need in special lessons and rehabilitation – said Svetlana Sveshnikova, the director of the Centre.

Somebody could watch over the work of the room immediately after opening day: the first group of the children, which under the direction of psychologist came to the room and began to study – play and study, rejoice and develop.