80th Birthday of a “good friend”

There is a film in Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center… where you can see three little blue pigs, light-green Kolobok, striped Cheburashka and etc. No, it’s not installation of modern art. Young guests paint Soyuzmultfilm’s characters with childlike spontaneous and using bright colors. Children were shown new cartoons and it was only the beginning of different summer events.

“We invited wards of the Ministry of Welfare of the Sverdlovsk region to this event, children from needy and large families”, said Marina Panfilova, Deputy Director of the charity fund “Children of Russia”. “Almost all of them are being in a difficult life situation. Joy and bright emotions are important for them”.

Young guest weren’t bored, when the doors of cozy, mysterious and fabulously magnetic movie hall were closed. They played cartoon panel games, hug and did photos with big and soft costumed characters. There was crocodile Gena and Hare in a movie “Nu, pogodi!” Children looked at the pictures at the exhibition, which they had made by themselves 30 minutes before.

“We show cartoons, which will not be realized soon. They have been showed only a few cities. Many of them were submitted in the competitions and festivals and many of them were rather successful’’, explained before the start of the showing Anastasia Lunkova, Deputy Director of operations of production studio “Soyuzmultfilm.

And the highlight of the event started. All children set dawn and started to discover new world of the newest cartoons of “Souyzmultfilm”. Young viewers saw with joy how “mother Heron” took care of all her found babies or how ants and woodpecker consolidated and saved their home-tree.

All children were smiled, when they looked the story of friendship between elephant and spider. Huge and very small characters had good feeling between each other. We accepted cartoons of “Soyuzmultfilm” into our hearts the same way. And this event shows that everything is still ahead for “Soyuzmultfilm”.