An incredible music and fairy tale full of flowers

The charity fund “Children of Russia” continues to do good deals. The little patients of the Child Onco-Hemotology Center received musical gifts and bright colors of summer.

The heart strings

These sounds are unique for the Child Onco-Hematology Center. There were great sweeping chords of Russian songs. These motifs are well known to all. They break the silence of the hospital corridors and bring new colors to every corner of it.

“The String Quartet of folk instruments of the Sverdlovsk State children’s philharmonic performs in our center regularly”, said Anton Kuznetsov, clinical psychologist. “Today artists were met like good old friends”.

These melodies of traditional music became the support for all audience and brought joy and entertainment. Some people tried to sing along, others were moved to tears. The everyday procedures were replaced by favourite melodies. According to the specialists, these events give mental power, which is to important for severely ill children.


The story of a flowerbed.

The Child Onco-Hematology Center is a place where everything has its own history. Even the flowerbed has been many things lately. At the first time, it was the place full of weeds and nobody paid attention to it. But one day the hospital management decided to transformer this “place of chaos”.

“I asked for help some businessmen and they bought flowers. I and my husband planted flowers”, said Elena Emelyanova. “I had done it on my own a few years, but then the fund and volunteers joined us. For the third consecutive year, we had been planted flowers together”.

Volunteers, who were school children, activists of “UNESCO” and stuff members of the fund, planted beautiful flowers. There were bright red, purple, blue, white petunias, verbenas, snapdragons and etc. People stopped and admired the flowers.

This flowerbed has important mission. It brings joy and pleasure to little patients of the hospital. Children and their parents like it extremely and take pictures staying near bright flowers.

“Every bright thing, every smile can give power for little patients to fight such several disease like tumor”, said Marina Panfilova, the Deputy Director of the charity fund “Children of Russia”. “And we try to do everything possible for little patients”.