Fine suit – to the concert!

At the end of the year 2013 the officials of the Arts school of Novokhopersk town (Voronezh region) referred to the charity fund “Children of Russia”. Two vocal groups “Raduga” and “Pryalitsa” are study at school. Their members are repeated winners of area-based, provincial and regional competitions.

The collectives had serious problems with the purchase of the concert costumes, especially for folk dance: for creation an authentic and memorable costumes they needed rather big amount of money.

– A talented group or performer is comparable with the gem. To sow all sides, it needs and a beautiful frame – bright stage costume. – said Yulia Nutenko the director of the charity fund “Children of Russia”. – For many creative teams located in small towns, to purchase costumes is a serious problem, because the administration, the management of schools and houses of creativity, parents often do not have the financial ability to pay for them.

The fund “Children of Russia” helped arts school to buy new costumes. According to school director Lyubov Grigorieva, for an ensemble “Raduga” seven outfits were made: skirts, scarves, shawls, ties. For the ensemble “Pryalitsa” was made ​​thirteen sets of folk costumes, each of which includes a blouse, dress, headpiece, decorations.

“Raduga” and “Pryalitsa” has already completed a concert season 2013/2014 in new stage outfits: on the photo is the girl of the first folk dance performance at the regional competition “Address of the Childhood – Voronezh region.”