Wishes to the whole world!

The international Children’s day has become a professional holiday of the charity fund “Children of Russia”. Each year the fund celebrates it with children: creativity competitions and exhibitions, concerts and city holidays are held in different cities of our country.

This year the fund organized the holiday campaign together with its partner, the Yekaterinburg Zoo. It collected the dearest children’s wishes addressed to girls and boys, to the whole world and to each person in particular. The pieces of paper were stuck on a two meter high dove figure standing by the central entrance to the Zoo. What do these children and teenagers wish to their counterparts in the whole world? The fund “Children of Russia” now has the answer: they wish “kindness”, “sun”, “happiness”, “peace”, “beauty” and “bUty”. The six-year-old Valya is longing to have her own dog and it is her main wish and hope: “wOnt a pAppy”. And eleven-year-old Lera wishes her granny to be healthy. And those who are too small to write also joined the celebration; they made wishes-pictures with the help of their mums, dads and grannies. It was not a coincidence that the dove became a messenger of the children’s wishes. This bird symbolizes kindness, purity, and peace and it is this bird which will be keeping children’s letters for the first summer month standing on the zoo square.

– This event was held for the first time and it will probably become a tradition. Even the simplest words like “peace”, “happiness”, “luck” have a great meaning it the mouth of a babe, Yuliya Nutenko, director of the charity fund “Children of Russia”, says. In these messages we express ourselves, the emotional warmth which we give to children, and the warmth which our children give back to girls and boys and girls of the whole world.             


Sweets, adventures and Amur tigers

The fund prepared an adventure game for active kids. They had to overcome a difficult route, show their wit, keenness, twist of the wrist, they had not to be scared of a white bear, to pass courageously the aviary with birds of prey and to withstand the test near the cage with Amur tigers.  

Those who did not manage to take part in the “quest” had an opportunity to show themselves in a game programme which took place at the Zoo stage. 

Even the adults could not stand aside: they were dancing and taking part in competition together with their children.

Every child is sure that a holiday without sweets and toys is not a holiday at all. On the Children’s day the fund “Children of Russia” prepared the most “children’s” presents: chocolate for the 15th anniversary of the fund and balloons. At the end of the holiday white doves flew up to the sky as living messengers of the children’s wishes.   

At the end of this sunny Sunday there was not only joy for their girls and boys in the eyes of serious adults, parents and grandparents, but also a bit of sadness. Childhood is the happiest period of time, and holidays can be sincerely enjoyed only when you are a kid. But when you are already a grown up person you yourself may give laughter and happiness to children, and, we say it on behalf of all organizers of the event, there is nothing more pleasant than to make games, competitions, to give children joy and new happy moments.