Need a special assistance

Young people, who are in a difficult situation and have some troubles with the law, need a special assistance. The specialized school №124 in Ekaterinburg is the place where such children study. For many of them this place is like the second home, where not indifferent people try to help them.

Teachers and policemen of the Department responsible for juvenile affairs of the Ekaterinburg Department of the Russian Ministry of Interior try to bring up children well. They try to develop a sense of security, solidarity and kind attitude toward the society. It was the reason why they held the Children’s Day celebration with the support of the charity fund “Children of Russia”.

All pupils were divided into several groups. They competed in blowing soap bubbles, drawing, singing, joking and etc. More than that, young participants of an aero modeling sports club showed to coevals their airplanes and how these airplanes could fly in the sky.

The Director of school, Elena Moskvina said: “These holidays are very important, because they help to find contact between children and their mentors and it helps to prevent next offences”

Children calculated points and the winners were decided. The same time teachers and mentors discussed a team spirit between children and friendly atmosphere of the holiday. Winners received the applause and all children received prizes.

The Deputy Director of the charity fund “Children of Russia”, Marina Panfilova said: “I believe that this holiday has brought joy to children and helped to strengthen friendship between pupils. And every child will be able to use new balls and rackets, which they have received during the holiday”.