The champion of the Delphic Games of the modern era

The talented pianist Andrei Leshkin practices hard and looks deeper into the mysteries of the world of piano music. Teachers saw the boy’s talent a long time ago and the results of the contests confirmed this. So, the boy became the owner of the Grand prix of the XXXXVI International festival of creative teams of all ages and performers of “The Admiralty star”.

Andrei achieved a new long-awaited success this April. He had an audition for “the Delphic Games of the modern era” in Russia and was invited to take part in the final in Tyumen. Only two student of the Ural music college had this lucky chance. And he got a gold medal and came back home with a lot of new emotions.

Andrei said: “The concert brought the most positive emotions. We performed in a big concert hall of a Philharmonia and there was a fantastic audience. All people understood the dignity of the occasion”.

The boy played the piano confidently and with sense and emotions. Andrei said that he didn’t feel any signs of a star sickness. More than that, the boy doesn’t have time to think about this. He will have other concert in Ekaterinburg this summer and there is no time to relax.