Running for the sale of Goodness

It was difficult to believe that several hundred people assembled near the Dinamo game Sports Palace were mostly lawyers, law firm employees and law students. Business suits, ties and, along with them, the usual businesslike manners were forgotten at home. Adults and children enjoyed with a good weather, a festive mood, and prepared for distances. The Ural Legal Run charity race takes place in Ekaterinburg for the second time.

Olga Prilepina told us that she was on the run for the second time. She also noticed that everything is well-organized, has is a great organization, a sporting spirit and, of course, a powerful motivation. All of this is in the name of goodness

All the guests and sportsmen knew that all the funds collected during the event are sent to seriously ill children that are participants of the charity project “You need him”.

A studentDaria Bushina noticed that the aforesaid outcome was of the key reasons of her joining. She also mentioned that lawyers have to be humane and she is a lawyer in future.

A fun aura was around strengthened with fun love, group photos, ice cream and other sweets. However, serious shadows took place even then.  Lawyers come closer to everything.  Even for holidays and entertainments.

Andrei Kaiurin revealed that last time he had attended at the very end and now he was in the middle of the group. He also mentioned that it was necessary to follow the results because he the president of the Presidium of the Bar Colleague thus all his team was here. Forty percent of all that team are youngsters.  No want to lag!

This argument is reliable. And participants did not want to negotiate with each other in that day. Well, they compete with each other in courts during working days, conducting litigation.  On the other hand, they supported every runner and confessed: Here we are alive, real, and without masks.

Finished and did not wake up

Athletes finished, raising off their hands, proudly wearing deserved medals, and leaved the reward ceremony being cuddled with family and friends. But one of the runners, a member of the children’s race, behaved himself in particular: he was sleeping. Six-month-old Ilya Zagajnov passed 300-meter distance under applauses and acclamation, having received his first medal in life and woke up at all.

His parents Dmitri and Vera confessed with smiles that he was their award and thus they helped to win his own reward. Well, it was the first medal and the first good deed to help ill children.

The award ceremony was coming to an end. The weather was gradually getting worse and worse. The sky started to be spanned with the clouds, and it started to rain. However, the participants were not going to leave. They were standing at the stage, having worn raincoats and opened umbrellas. Then organizers went out to say key words: The amount of 343 000 roubles as the result of the Ural Legal Run has been collected for the fosterlings of the Children of Russia Charitable Fund!

As Julia Nutenko, the director of the organization, clarified, the final exact amount and those children, who will get help, will be identified within a few days after the event and when all the financial registers will be in the fund. But now it is possible to say that all these means will allow key steps to the final cure of few children! Thank you very much for all the participants of the Ural Legal Run.