The Day of Knowledge was celebrated in the Oncocenter

Whatever the circumstances the child always striving to learn this world. Among the wards of the Center for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology CSTO №1 there are both curious kids, and children who could just begin to study this year at school. They didn’t join the coevals on a school assembly and at the first lessons. In the first days of September the Knowledge Day came to all charges of the Center.

There were smiles on the faces

Activists from UNESCO and volunteers, with the support and competent advice of the clinical psychologists, developed the whole “firstseptember” program: competitions and riddles; a performance where the main characters were fantastic Masha and Bear and Karlsson.

– We threw this holiday because the fun and laughing are necessary for all and, especially, for those who is treated for such serious illness as oncology. – told Olga Sannikova, the volunteer, the one of initiators of the holiday. – We saw how the children’s faces blossom for joy and how they join the game step by step.

In the Center there are parents who attends their boys and girls during all treatment, they also joined festive event with enthusiasm: they looked for the missing Mashenka, helped to give answers in the game “edible-inedible”. Fathers and mothers rejoiced as the children: they seldom have opportunity to forget about their worries.

In the words of Tatyana Ziskelevich, the head of the service of clinical psychologists, the most important in this holiday is that there was no anxiety:

– During such events volunteers are often nervous, and these feelings are transferred to the children. Such celebration doesn’t bring the joy any more. – explained Tatyana Aleksandrovna. – On our holiday there was no anxiety at all. The holiday was nice and homelike, and, what’s the main, it was so pleasant to children and to their parents that they didn’t want to let the fantastic heroes go, and broke up much later than planned.


Bright colors of kindness

At the end of the holiday all his small spectators planted “the tree of good deeds”: they put their palm prints on a large sheet of paper. Direction of the Center allowed to participate in this final part, even those children in sterile boxes who can not leave yet: the “tree” with a special paint were transferred directly in their wards.

The tree of good deeds seemed to be big and colorful and child palm prints on it – as small bright leaves – like those unforgettable light moments that the holiday had left in the heart of every participant. The Knowledge Day was over, but the warmth and friendly ties were not broken: almost all volunteers have written letters to the charges of the Center. Maybe someone of these children wants to write answer.

The first days of September – the time of all school assemblies, of white bows, of long-awaited meetings with friends and classmates, of first lessons and of acquaintance with the first teacher. Probably each of us remembers the feeling of a light anxiety and joy – the first time in first class… Lessons, although with fabulous teachers, passed for the first time in the Center for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology. Now its charges will gladly remember the Knowledge Day, new friends and acquaintances, and would look forward to the real school bell.