Bravo, kids!

More than one hundred and fifty children who have achieved excellent results in studies, sports, and creativity that won the international, national, provincial, regional festivals and competitions are among the “golden youth” of Gai city. They were awarded with diplomas, figurines and gifts.

The jubilee event held under the auspices of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company and the Charity Fund “Children of Russia” under the auspices of the city Administration, was a real good anthem, a symbol of creativity and guarantor support the creative guys and have their results.

Winners greeted with kind words and sincere congratulations to the guests of honor of the holiday – Irina Minaeva representative of the Charity Found “Children of Russia” in Gai town; Alexander Mikhin, the Deputy Director of “Gai GOK” on common issues; Alexander Saraskina acting for the head of administration of Gai city and others. The leaders noted that people gathered in the hall are extraordinary, exemplary children, which should not take their positions, and should go through life purposefully. Those who lead the children to the heights of success – their teachers, coaches, leaders of the groups were not aside at this day. In turn they said that the mission of a man is love, create, build, and these guys have gifted internal quality, to realize their potential and dreams.