The great joy and invaluable experience

One day we received a touching letter from Tyumen from the united family. They have five children and every child is unique and gifted. Parents try to see the talent of every child and try to develop it. Their daughter Natalya has a good voice. She studies an academic vocal performance and she has already won a lot of different musical contests.

In 2014 the girl became a laureate of the Elena Obraztsova musical contest. She won the award for “the youngest finalist of the contest”. And exactly she wants to win the main prize in 2016.

Julia Nutenko, the Director of the charity fund “Children of Russia” said: “We help children from different regions of our country, because we understand how it’s important to polish skills. Children who have talent need to gain experience and knowledge. More than that, they need regular practice and communication in “the music community”.

And now, the long-awaited moment had come. Natalya Ostyakova, dressed like a little fairy, stood on the white gold stage. She had won the first round and it was the final. The girl sang beautiful and complex composition. Everything was fine and…she forgot the words of the song.

Now that is all over, the girl has a diploma of the international contest. According to relatives, it was a memorable moment, which brought only positive emotions and a lot of joy. Natalya continued to sing on the stage in spite of her sad mistake. The girl said: “Something happened in my head and I was panicked. But I’m not going to be upset”.

Aleksei Ostyakov, the girl’s father thinks: “Maybe Natasha is growing up and starts to worry like adults, but it builds her character. We had the same situation a few years ago.  And that time, she didn’t finish her performance and run away with eyes full of tears”.

Now the Ostyakovs work on errors. They again and again remember this International Competition of Elena Obraztsova and remember everything what has happened. They are really proud of their daughter and say million thank to the charity fund “Children of Russia” for its support.