The magic of a classical guitar

The voluntary service of the children’s oncology and hematology of the City Children’s Clinical Hospital №1 continues to bring joy and happiness to patients of the hospital. They give them live communication, unusual classes and possibility to meet new people. All these things are so important for children and their parents, who spend so many times in wards of the hospital. Their daily routine is courses of chemotherapy, long and painful treatment, everyday tests and every day view from windows of the hospital.

The volunteers gave joy and happiness to patients and their parents for two years. Activists and clinical psychologists confirm that it helps children and their parents to feel support and understanding that they are not along. This is an incentive to fight the disease. The performance of Ekaterina and Ivan Khlebnikovs, who are pedagogues of professional guitar school, is the next entertaining event.

Children of all years and their parents got in the atmosphere of classical medieval music and Russian folk songs. Some people were so touched by this music that they were afraid to move.

“This is the second evening of guitar music”, said Anton Kuznetsov, who is a clinical psychologist of the center. “We see the positive effects of light classical music. And exactly we understand that the music will not be “heavy”.

“The classical music can bring an emotional experience. People can cry or feel strong emotions. More than that, these emotions help parents to find some mental link with their children, because usually they are so focused on fighting against the disease that they lose it. These meetings are a little shaking up for adults”.

Moreover, the voluntary service wants to hold a puppet show and an evening with artists of the Ekaterinburg Philharmonic.

We thank all people who take part in voluntary service. We ask all people to join us, if you want to help the project or you are ready to bring new ideas. You only need to fill out a form on our website. For more information call 8-800-100-19-29 or contact us by email: