The magic song of the cooper trumpet

Maxim Ilyasov is a real star of his native town Novokhapersk (the Voronezh Region). The gifted trumpeter won many competitions of different levels. Recently, he has become the laureate of the first degree of the competition “the Great Russia” in Sochi with the support of the charity fund “Children of Russia”.

Marina Panfilova, the Deputy Director of the charity fund “Children of Russia” said: “We help gifted children from different regions of our country. So, we have known Maxim for a long time. And when his teacher asked us for help, we exactly agreed to help”.

The young musician said that he was genuinely happy when he known that he would visit the competition, but he was rather worried how it went. Alexander Shevchenko, his teacher, worried too. But he worried about domestic arrangements, because any trip needs to be organized and planed well. He was certain that Maxim would perform without any problems.

The kind teacher said: “I remember that moment when Maxim, being a child, didn’t want to leave the class. He started to play the trumpet and then his older brother would come to the music school too. Usually it’s visa versa. Older brothers are the example for younger brothers. Maxim has a great talent and it must be developed further. Different contest are the best way for polishing his skills”.

The jury of the contest, which was held in Sochi, invited the boy for another festival in St. Petersburg. And exactly, the fund “Children of Russia” again will help the boy to take part in it. Maxim said that he planned to study hard all summer. His aim is not only participation in another festivals or contests or entering in the Gnesin’s music school. He plays the trumpet, because he likes music extremely.

“I think I’ll be a good musician”: Maxim said modestly and confidently. Somebody asked him: “Will you be a good musician like Sergey Nakaryakov?’’. The boy thought a few seconds and answered: “I think that maybe even better”.