The New Year fairy tale

Before the New Year, 9-year-old Denis broke the piggy bank and gave 2,000 roubles to ill children. “Do I need it? I already have everything I need”, the little charity giver shrugged his shoulders. Smiling and happy for his kindness, the boy joyfully left the Fund. In the future, there will be many pre-New Year things to do. Miracles for our children have just begun from the visit of this special guest.

Child wishes came true only just we received them in “letter box”. Fairy New Year mood covered all the country with joyful songs and dances. These days, child dreams have come true, our children has wanted to share them just to the main New Year magician.

Thanks to you, those pre-New Year days have been full of magic, and we believe that the fairy tale will go on in 2018. In January we will tell you about all holiday miracles. Wish you a fairy holiday! Happy New Year!