According to the rules of Her Majesty the Fantasy

On this day, on May 26, at first glance, nothing unusual happened in Yekaterinburg. The townspeople hurried on their business; Friday night, bright sun, flowering apple trees. Running pedestrians and drivers behind the wheel did not notice the most important thing: Thousands of sparkling precious threads stretched through the streets and squares from all over the country and even from Belarus, Kazakhstan, China to the Yekaterinburg theater of the young spectator. There was a gala concert of the contest “Diamond Planes”, which was held for the 18th time by the Charity Fund “Children of Russia”.

“Brightness of beauty and simplicity of freedom”

More than three thousand young contestants sent their works to the court of an authoritative jury and, in an incredible and surprising way, stretched out iridescent and magical threads of their creativity and talent to the organizers. On the day of the gala concert, they all merged into bright lights, diamond stars, precious stone cubes and mirrors. They revived and filled with rainbow reflections of the foyer of the Youth Theater; created a real, lively, beautiful Country-Fantasy in the hall and on the stage.

The rules of this country seemed simple and clear, because the best young contestants from all over the country told about them. The Fantasy sang with the loud voices of Catherine Lifintseva from Guy and Adelina Bayseupova from Orsk, Orenburg region. It seemed that before this melody you can touch and on its iridescent flow to move anywhere in the world. They helped to believe that such a journey – not only in space but in time – was done simply by ensembles “Aquarel” from Berezovsky city, Sverdlovsk region, “Majorz” from Guy and “Assorti” from Osinniki city, Kemerovo region. It seemed that the artists easily, almost playfully lay out the melody for a lot of tonalities and shades, overflows and halftones.

With excitement, the leaders prepared their little artists, gave directions behind the scene and, holding their breath, watched their acts. With the same feelings from the audience watched other heroes – travelers in the Land of Fantasy – young artists and writers. Zlata Kalmykova came to a gala concert from Penza city. Her mother confessed: Sometimes a cheerful and carefree 9-year-old artist surprises her family.

“I can not paint, my daughter paints better. She expresses herself simply, clearly, with color and light, and I see how it grows and develops with each work. I really like that person, the personality of the little author, which is becoming more and more evident in the pictures. Her creative rules – it’s some kind of courage, determination and bright colors … it’s the brightness of beauty and the simplicity of freedom. 

Is it easy to be friends with Her Majesty?

The Country-Fantasy shines and shimmers, strikes with colors, chords, syllable. All because its main inhabitants, creators, large or small, are talented and free. Is it easy to play by the creative rules of this kingdom-state? The answer is known by young contestants. Ekaterina Osintseva from Izhevsk was brought to the stage of the Theater for Young Spectators by her talent. According to the relatives, her way to a strong, deep and sincere voice was not easy.

From the age of four Katya started to go to the children’s vocal studio. Then she had to quit: the teachers said that they did not see talent and advised: begin to dance! The girl obeyed, but the case again led her to the microphone: during school music lessons the teacher noticed the talent. The gymnastics shoes and choreographic swimsuit were forgotten, and Katya entered the music school. Now, talking about the future, the girl sees not the rosy pictures in which she in the light of the soffits clasps in the hands “Grammy” or other dream-reward. In the future she teaches children music and songs, goes with them to competitions and helps to achieve new victories. In a word, she lives among melodies, according to creative rules.

The world of Her Majesty the Fantasy is beautiful, but it is not always easy to reconcile with our world, a human one. The 11-year-old Ilya Vygovsky from Vladivostok spoke about this with an airy irony that makes one smile and inspire, like a warm wind. The composition, or rather, the book was awarded the grand-prix not only for humor, language, subtle sense of style. Just a young author is a real magician. He is a friend of Osip Mandelstam, Anna Akhmatova, Ivan Bunin and all the Great Literature.

They say that Her Majesty Fantasy is able to perform miracles. This was confirmed by the guests of the gala concert. They traveled through the sparkling waves of melodies, played by small wonder-planets that hovered around the hall almost in weightlessness. The light of lanterns and telephones created in the complete darkness the starry sky. At that moment, the borders of the Fantasy Land became even wider. Hundreds of magical sparks shone in the heart of every spectator. The gala concert was coming to an end, and the city still lived its measured life and did not notice a small miracle: new threads of creativity stretched farther, leaving somewhere beyond the horizon.