The final concert of the competition “Diamond Panes” will be hold in September

In 2014 marks 15 years starting with the founding of the charity fund “Children of Russia”. Complemented by this significant date XV gala concert of the All-Russian festival-competition “Diamond Panes” moved to the end of September.

“Diamond Panes” is a bright holiday and grandiose presentation of talent, creativity and unique masterpieces of young dancers, singers, artists and writers from all over our country. The organizers are press for the great number of citizens and guests see this concert.

– This year we have planned a grand celebration not only the winners in 2014, but the brightest members of past years will be invited this concert – said Julia Nutenko, a director of the charity fund “Children of Russia”. – We want to depart from rules a bit and tell the guests of the festival not only about talented children but also about the work of the fund, its projects, stories and achievements.

The event is scheduled on the 27 September in the cinema theater “Cosmos” (Yekaterinburg, Dzerzhinsky Str., 2).