Tatiana Ziskelevich became “Woman of the Year” in charity

Three and a half years ago, a few caring people who are not familiar with each other, had the same idea – to create at the Center for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology CSTO service №1 psychological support for the work with young cancer patients.

Larisa Gennadyevna Fechina, the Deputy Chief of Oncology and Hematology in Regional Children’s Hospital №1 began to take the first steps to create a service, and met with a specialist ready for such work and competent enough for her – Tatiana Ziskelevich, a clinical psychologist, a member of the Executive of the Russian Federation in the ISR (International Society of the Rorschach), SPA (Society for Personality Assessment, USA), Vice President of Russian Rorshahovskogo society. Charity Found “Children of Russia” supported the initiative of doctors and clinical psychologists took service under his wing.

To bite the bullet

Today three highly qualified clinical psychologist who has helped hundreds of children with cancer and their families work at the Center for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology. “We help the patient to be treated, and the doctors to cure” – the experts say about their selves. As told Tatiana Ziskelevich in an interview (make reference to the interview, not every person can and wants to work in the oncology center:

– You need to have special training and special internal settings, the internal value system. Affect which appears here may be very negative, especially in cases where the patient dies or recurs. It is difficult to handle with these sentiments.

To hold the blow by the blow, not to succumb to anxiety and depression, which rolls when there is something wrong, the highest level of professionalism helps the psychologist and awareness that new young patients and their families will come, and they need to help and to get out of the abyss of despair. “The adoption of the diagnosis – it is the first and most important step in the fight against the disease” – clinical psychologists believe.

To become a benefactor

The award “Person of the Year”, which won Tatiana Ziskelevich is, on the one hand, public recognition of the importance of her personal contribution to the establishment of a clinical psychologist and help seriously ill children; on the other – it is a tribute to all the people, organizations and experts involved in the project.

Tatiana Dudarenko, the vice president of the “Children of Russia” and the winner of “Man of the Year 2013” in the category “Charity” noted that psychological services in pediatric oncology in Russia is only in Moscow and Yekaterinburg city. I am glad that in the Urals, this unique initiative continues to grow, attracting new adherents and helps small wards of the cancer center.

– The main mission of our foundation is to give good to children. But all that we do still serves one purpose – to attract the attention of an increasing number of people who are ready to help others. – Said Julia Nutenko, the director of the Found “Children of Russia”. – Tatiana Ziskelevich became “Woman of the Year”, is not only gives the public an example of someone professional, selflessly helping seriously ill children, but also allows them to learn more about the charity, of what it can be. Perhaps because of this someone will take an important decision for themselves – to become a philanthropist.