For beloved mothers!

The competition “With love, kids!” devoted to the Mother’s day took place in Serov at the end of November and the results of young photographer’s competition “Year of culture: through the lens – Serov” were summarized.

To celebrate the occasion children of 4-18 were proposed to prepare pictures on theme “My mother at work”, vocal and instrumental performances, literary works, choreographic performances, video clips and hand-made items. While watching video interviews with the participants guests of the event got acquainted with all of the kids and their mothers.

Not only the best of the young creators, lots of spectators and the brightest vocal and choreographic groups of Serov gathered together at the holiday concert. It was also attended by several “special” guests – mothers of many children, employers of the metallurgical plant, the town-forming enterprise. So on stage we saw beautiful, merry and hardworking ladies: Tatyana Yakimova, a mother of five children, a brigade-leader of raw material moving of the calibrated department, and Alfiya Ivonina, a mother of four sons, an operator of the control station of the heavy department hot mill.

Young contestants were awarded with special sets for creative work and certificates, while the spectators got another present: this bright and vivid celebration as well as young photographers’ works “Year of culture: through the lens – Serov” exhibited in the lobby.