The time for conversance with a culture

Strangers do not visit an oncological center frequently. There is a special security arrangement, order, safety regulations, which mean isolation. This isolation is important for fighting with a horrible disease like a cancer. A voluntary service tries to draw the curtain, which isolate relatives and patients of the center from the other world. Volunteers have already given many new emotions to small patients. These smiles and joy helped them to move confidently to struggle the disease.

In the autumn, volunteers introduced the enchaining magic of music and literature for children. Popular musicians well known in Ural, Russia and all over the world visited them. Aleksey Petrov who is the soloist of the Ekaterinburg Philharmonic, a “Nadezhda “Bravo!” laureate, an “Opera +” laureate and a laureate of all-Russian competitions and festivals gave a real mini-concert. Classical Russian romances, wartime songs and others well liked compositions taught feelings of children and adults.

An accompaniment was brilliant too. A virtuosic play of Vladimir Zykin who is an Honored Artist of Russia, a laureate of prestigious competitions and awards in Russia and all over the world, an accordionist, a head of the folk instruments’ ensemble “Ayushka” gave a joy, sadness, and a real delight. 

Majestic classical melodies replaced melodious and lyrical guitar rhythms performed by Ekaterina and Ivan Khlebnikovs.

In the middle of the autumn in the Oblast Children’s Clinical Hospital №1 started a project of a cognitive reading for patients, which named “Word treats”. The first participants were patients of the Center of pediatric oncology. Volunteers spent for them a puppet mini-play with reading poems and recitations from books.


“We are happy to help children not only like a medical center. The project will make a leisure time of patients more cognitive and will elevate the mind”, said Sergey Belomestnov, a Chief Physician of the Oblast Children’s Clinical Hospital №1.

These puppet scenes became for children a window in not only the fabulous world of fiction, but also a short visit to the carefree childhood, where there are no injections, drops and debilitating treatments. “This is the main task of the voluntary service”, said Julia Nutenko, the director of the Charitable Fund “Children of Russia”. “Such bright moments make children to fight harder, believe the best, try strongly to kill the disease and go beyond the hospital walls”.