Even more domesticity

The sports festival “Family” the Foundation “Children of Russia” holds more than 15 years. During this time, more and more regions join funny family competitions: It’s spectacular, funny, sporty and, most importantly, family-warm and friendly.

In the middle of July, another Ural city of Kirovgrad hosted the “Family” and seems to be pleased. Hundreds of spectators cheered for six participating teams. Glukhovs, Pysins, Grekhovs, Baranovs, Gabdrakhmanovs, Gainanovs in each – mother, father and two children. All of them diligently overcame the distances, trying to show the speed, dexterity and cohesion of the teams. Then the participants, all together, enjoyed the good weather and happily applauded the more successful competitors. The “Family” not only entertained and amused them, but also made them stronger friends.